May 4, 2007

Hello! Long Time No Blog...

Hi Guys! Just a quick post to say hi and share a photo and recipe (of course).

Last weekend was so nice and warm that Ellie and Wes went for a swim; the water was a bit too cool for me, plus, I had to take pictures! Ellie had a blast!! Being the water baby that she is, she had a fit when we made her get out - BUT, we had to, she was shivering! Doesn't she look cute in her suit? It's a hold over from last year, actually fits her this year!

Have to share this recipe with you... Cake Mix Cookies Have you ever heard of such a thing? I had not - I know, I don't get out much! I found it on RecipeZaar (my favorite recipe site) and had to give it a try. I figured they would taste yucky and cake-mixy (great use of the english language huh?)... Surprise, Surprise, they were very tasty. I used chocolate cake mix, semi-sweet chocolate chips, pecans and added about 1 cup of oatmeal. They were fudgey and yummy! They tasted like a cookie, not a cake. Plus, and this is the best part, they only take about 5 minutes to mix together and dish onto baking pans! So cool!! I also found the best, and yes it is the BEST, corn muffin recipe - they have blackberries in 'em! I will post it next time; have to leave you wanting more!! Hope you have a fun weekend!


granny said...

Isn't this Miss the most BEAUTIFUL little girl!!!!?

Angie said...

You've never heard of Cake Mix Cookies!?!?!?! The best is with yellow cake mix...they're so good!