July 1, 2007

Ellie's Birthday, The Big TWO

Can you believe it, Ellie Mae is two..! TWO!! I sure can't...

Ellie's birthday day wasn't too exciting. She went to visit Granny for the morning/early afternoon while I took Wesley to the oral surgeon to get his wisdom tooth removed. This was the earliest they could get him in and if it wasn't today, he had to wait 3 more weeks. So, Ellie's birthday it was! We were going to have a get together over the weekend to celebrate with family and friends, so, it wasn't too big of a deal... she certainly didn't care much either way. Wes's surgery went well, it was over really quickly, it was just a bit longer getting him to 'wake up' from the anesthesia. Plus, he was really sore and kinda grumpy all day!
Ellie had fun at Granny's - Loved the play kitchen from 'Annie (Ellie drops the G)... when she opened it she got all excited and started saying 'Oh My' and 'Wow'. After opening her fun kitchen, Granny took her (and us) out for an ice cream from the little Mom and Pop place around the corner. Yummy!! After naps for Ellie and Daddy, we let Ellie open her birthday gifts from us. The hit of the day was her new Mack truck from the Disney movie Cars. She loves the movie and her favorite character is Mack, so, we had to get him for her. We also found Sally and Mater, plus Mack came with Lightning, Chick and Leak Less (?). She had a blast driving all of the little cars onto and off of Mack and was telling us stories about Mack all night. How fun!
I will post pictures from her 'party' and a link from the portraits we had done as soon as I download 'em!! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Have a good time celebrating on the Fourth! Bye for now!

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