January 5, 2008

Christmas Eve 2007

Wes, Ellie and I headed down to Escondido to spend Christmas Eve with Bepe (Brenda), PopPop (Jay), Sheri, Jeff, Garrett, Caleb and new baby Ian. We got down to Wes's Mom's house at about 10am - we surprised 'em by getting there earlier than we said! Hey, we just wanted to see everyone! Ellie meet up with Garrett and Caleb and they were set to go! There was no time for posing for pictures - for Ellie - Garrett and Caleb were good sports, Ellie's pounced on them just after I took the photo above. It was a flurry of activity and they had a great time running around together. We all had a good time hanging out, exchanging gifts (this went a little too quickly for my taste, but, you know kids!) and eating fun holiday food. I know the photo above is blurry, but this is how things seemed from time to time during our visit!Ellie really enjoyed meeting and holding her new cousin Ian. Every time he cried, she had to come and check on him - quite the mother hen - and she wanted to hold him or touch his head as often as she could! Wes's Aunt Jill, Uncle Fred and Fred's son Andrew stopped by in the afternoon to visit and to meet the new Baby Johnson Boy! Jeff had just made his infamous (well, to us anyway) hot beef dip, so they made it there just in time... it's quite the culinary treat! Tasty, but so so so bad for you!! Time flew by quickly, but then it always does when your having a good time!

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