January 5, 2008

Christmas Morning 2007

We made it down to my Mom's house at about 8:30am. We were ready to celebrate Christmas with 'Anny, Scotty and Kass. Mom had blueberry muffins waiting for us - per Scotty's request - YUMMY! Ellie had a good time picking through everyone's stockings... she's such a nosey george! We all had fun opening gifts and hanging out. Scotty and Wes were trying our patience a bit by passing the football to each other during our gift exchange - boys will be boys! Ellie had lots of favorites but a new guitar from Granny that plays 3 songs (Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun is her favorite and plays it over and over and over) and some dress up shoes (from Auntie Kass and Uncle Scotty) were the most played with. Gotta love these photos!! One of Ellie's gifts from 'Anny was a car that she can drive! She had a lot of fun driving it (Uncle Scotty helped get her started), but then for no aparant reason she got a little scared of it, hasn't driven it since xmas day...?!? After all our shenanagins we had a nice brunch and a little more visiting before Scotty and Kass had to head home to celebrate with Kass's family and Scott's and my Dad. Again, time flies when your having fun!

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