February 24, 2008

Guess What Wii Got?

Yeah, we got one! After a couple of weeks of searching, we found a wii this morning at Target. Pest and I had a blast playing tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing! Let me tell you, this little video game system can really give you a workout AND it is so fun. The photos are of our Mii's - our cyber doubles. I'm such a dork, taking a photo of our tv to show you our cyber likenesses!!! Miss E got in on the video game action too - she played her Frogger jump-pad game. She had fun jumping around and actually did pretty well on a couple of the games!! So our rainy Sunday involved a run the the store, some McD's for lunch (I love their cinnamelts - I'm sure they are horrible for you, but dam they're tasty) and jumping around the living room! We had a blast!


mom said...

Your RED crooked boobs stand out much better than Wes' BLUE ones!!!


Anonymous said...

We have a Wii too, it is so much fun. Next time you see Ryan ask him how he is at boxing...I killed him the only time he'd play it with me. :) Now it's a sore subject. I'm a big fan of guitar hero.

~sheri~ said...

Love the boob comment from mom! Garrett respectfully requested that you bring this with you when you come visit! :) He's played it at BestBuy and continually reminds me that we "NEED" to get one! But I think I would even like playing it!