June 2, 2008

First Swim of the Season

Well, the 100+ degree heat a few weeks ago sent us scrambling for the pool. Miss E is just too cute in her little halter bikini!She had a blast jumping into the pool and having Pest catch her. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of Miss E's two week illness and the pool's unfortunate loss of ALL of it's water! Miss E was sick by the next morning (she was a bit off all day and we think that too much sun, plus the dip in the pool fueled the illness). And the pool had to be emptied a few days after that (TDS was too high and we couldn't get it properly chlorinated anymore)! When we had it empty we discovered just how badly it needs resurfacing - we figured we could do a paint on patch job that would last a couple more years, but when Pest started prepping it the plaster was just crumbling off! So, the pool has to wait a couple of weeks until the guys that are going to repair it get to us... At least it's only two weeks, one of the quotes was six!

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