June 2, 2008

Mama & Daddy Getaway

Pest and I decided to go away for a couple of days - shocking, I know! We took a nice drive up through Santa Barbara to Solvang, a little (I mean little) Dannish village in the Santa Ynez Valley. It's a cute little town, and the people who live/work there are very friendly, but after a few hours, you've seen it all. There are a lot of wineries just outside of town, so if you like winery tours, you'll be busy for another half-day! We hit all of the little shops in Solvang after checking into our hotel. We sampled some Aebleskiver (yummy) and I was able to talk Pest into a ole time photo! Pest looks great, but my ill-fitting dress mad my boobs look weird, and that hat, goofy! Oh well!! The countryside is beautiful and the small neighboring towns are just as delightful as Solvang. We ate dinner in Buellton the first night at a cute little place called AJ Spurs. Tasty food, great servers and a fun western vibe! The next morning we headed out to Lake Cachuma, of course! I was able to get a couple of goofy pictures of us - my arms just aren't long enough!We ended up coming home after lunch the next day. Miss E was giving Granny a run for her money - went from delightful to crazy kid as soon as bedtime rolled around. Granny wasn't able to get her to go to sleep until after midnight - through no fault of her own, of course! Now we have proof that we aren't just exaggerating about 'The Girl That Would Not Sleep'!! We had enough of Solvang anyway and just wanted to go home. We came through LA at just the right time, we were able to hang out at all the finest traffic hot spots!! Once we made it through we had to stop at Bass Pro Shops so Pest could do a little shoppin'! Then, we headed home. Miss E stayed at Granny's that night, but at least if Granny had enough, we could go collect our girl!! Thankfully things went a little better and Miss E settle down a bit earlier - she must have been tired from the night before, can't imagine why?? Anywho, it was nice to get away and nice to be at home.

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mom said...

What can I say?!! Even at her worst, Miss E is a doll baby!! She can stay ANYTIME!
Glad you two got some alone time AND I love the pics with the short arms!!!