July 10, 2008

More Birthday Fun

We had a few people over on Sunday to celebrate E's birthday! The crew from Idaho were here too, yeah! Miss E has been talking about 'Caweb', 'Garwet' and 'Iwan' ever since she found out they were coming to So Cal. She was so happy and excited to get to play with the boys. Swimming, swimming and more swimming pretty much describes the afternoon, with a little break for presents and dessert! We had Granny, Scotty & Kass, Beppe & PopPop, Sheri, Jeff and The Boys, Kristie & Gene, Jill & Fred & Andrew, Marie & Jackie and Jeff & June & The Kids! Pest had fun swimming with the kids and tossin' them around the pool! Miss E really got the hang of holding her breathe so she could 'look around' under the water - she's taken to the water like a fish!

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