July 10, 2008

Pony Rides or A Three Year Old's Dream Come True

What a great day to be Miss E. We headed up to Tom's Farms to meet Aunt Dona and pick up Mom/Granny. When E and I arrived, we had a little time to kill so we took a look around. It was a Sunday, so Tom's Farms was a little busier than usual, and they had rides and such operating. The first thing E spotted was the pony rides. I was able to talk her into waiting until Granny got there so we could take a couple of photos (we needed Granny's camera, I didn't have mine... who knew there'd be pony rides!). We went on a nice little train ride through the 'park' and looked at some of the wares that were being hawked. Thankfully Aunt Dona and Granny arrived just as we finished up some of the worst 'best strawberry shortcake' I've ever had - and by finished up, I mean threw in the trash... it was that bad! Miss E lead us over to the ponies, she was ready to ride!! That girl did great... she looked like a natural! And, she was in heaven, that was until it was time to leave, then a little bit of E's Irish showed (in other words, she got a little feisty)! Oh, to be three!

**Hopefully you can click on the photo collage for a large view!!!

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