August 7, 2008

The Playhouse

Here are a couple of photos I have of the playhouse construction. The first, my favorite, is of Pest grinding off the old metal fasteners from the slab... with a little help from Miss E. She really liked seeing all the sparks; Pest said she could stay and watch if she stayed behind him. Well, she stayed behind him all right! The second is a photo that I sneaked... Pest and his Uncle Fred and deep in thought - can't you tell by the look on Pest's face! There was a lot of figuring to do considering the existing slab has 6 sides! The last photo is of the framed playhouse. It may not look it from the photo, but you could probably sleep 6 adults in there! It looks great and the guys are doing a great job. I will post more photos soon, I just haven't taken a new photo lately. There is siding on it and the beginning of a roof!

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Anonymous said...

Ellie is going to have the playhouse that all her friends are going to be jealous of. I can already see it.