October 31, 2008

Boo To You!

Take a peek at our new puppy! Miss E decided about a month ago that she wanted to be a Dalmatian doggy, so here she is. The ears were the toughest part to create, she wanted her ears to stand up, not lay down, so what you see is what I could do. It's quite tricky making dog ears, and no store around here had anything that would work. Oh well, she loved her costume and the ears... that's all that matters! She also really liked having her make-up 'done' and ran to the mirror to see her new look as soon as I finished getting her made up!!


mom said...

Is this not the most ADORABLE child you have ever seen?!!!? ~~ Just love the pictures of the pumpkins ~ AND, of course, Miss E as a puppy!!!

~sheri~ said...

Boy, where have I been? All these blog posts and I'm just now seein' em! Love all of them...and she is stinkin' adorable in that puppy costume!

Anonymous said...

Dear bether@utm.net,

It should be "peek" not "peak" unless it was a bad pun about her climbing a mountain.

Just here to help.

Ed Gruberman

Anonymous said...

How did she get the black eye?