December 18, 2008

Yeah Snow!

Well, the storm that just came through dumped quite a bit of snow on Miss E's Beppe's Mountain (say that three times fast!) so we drove up this morning for a bit of 'no' play. E was so excited to see, touch, taste and play in the 'no' - there is an emphasis on the taste with Miss E. Every time she fell, or just if it had been a minute, she ate some snow... I'm not exaggerating, she pretty much ate snow constantly! She had fun learning how to throw a snowball and sledding with daddy. Then we made a snowman; this was top priority on her snow list of things to do and she loved every minute of it! Next time she says we have to make a mommy and daddy snowman too! We only stayed for about 20 minutes - Miss E had enough when her hands got wet and cold. But, at least we didn't have to drag her away, she went willingly... the warm car and fuzzy slippers were a happy, cozy place to be after all that playing in the 'no'!

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