January 13, 2009

Just A Quick Bit About Christmas 2008

Yeah, the holidays are officially over! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Christmas was good, busy and a bit crazy, but good. I just wanted to post a couple of pictures; mostly because I love the photo of Miss E on xmas morning... make sure you check out her lovely bed head! I don't know what she does in her sleep (actually, I do, she moves constantly!) but her hair just takes a beating! We left Santa and his reindeer each a treat - the reindeer got a couple carrots to share and Santa got some of Miss E's beautiful gingerbread cookies and a mug of Sprite (she decided he needed something a little different). The next morning E found that the reindeer had been 'parked' on the front porch (we had a rain storm) and had left some 'droppings'. That, combined with the eaten treats, made her morning! She also loved her "purple big girl bike" and was thrilled that Santa had remembered her special request. It was a little overwhelming for her after that point, stockings, gifts with Granny, breakfast, playing with her Idaho cousins, more gift opening, dinner, more running amok... she was one tuckered kid!!

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