February 28, 2009

Amazing What An Hour Can Do...

Does this look like a child that only one hour ago was writhing in pain on an ER gurney? Doesn't to me, and I was there! Little Miss E had her first adventure at the ER on Tuesday. At about 9:30 that morning she called me to the bathroom to help her off the potty because her tummy hurt too much to do it herself. She was complaining of pain on the left side of her belly and it hurt even more when she sat. So, I got her into the pediatrician who sent us to the ER after examining Miss E because she was rather concerned that it could be appendicitis and she wanted to get a CT scan. So, we ran (well, drove) over to the ER where we waited... you know how that goes. Thankfully when the triage nurse evaluated E and saw how much pain she was in, she got us out of the waiting room and into the ER. Our poor girl would not sit, she stood the whole time and was just miserable - I have never seen her in so much pain. In the back we were able to lay Miss E down on a gurney while we waited to see the doctor and get the CT scan. When the ER doctor came to see us about 20 minutes later, Miss E was walkin', talkin', sittin', standin'... everything was fine. It was like a switch had been turned off (or on). The doctor checked her out and gave me the option of getting the CT or an x-ray, but said that she did not have appendicitis - no way it just 'goes away'. We're not sure what was wrong... could have been gas, could have been ??? he said with kids sometimes we just don't know!! I was quite relieved to not have to put her through the IV to get the CT scan and even more relieved that she would not need surgery! It was a nerve racking morning... we saw and heard things that we really didn't need to while in the ER. Thankfully Miss E doesn't remember any of what she saw or how scared she was to be there! When we got home from our adventure the UPS driver was delivering Mr. Woody from Toy Story... Perfect timing after our morning. This was Miss E's special treat for using the potty so well the previous couple weeks - all that's gone to crud, but that's an entirely different story!!

Sorry for all the potty talk... could have been worse though!!!
Oh... as you can tell by the photo I gave up and cut E's hair... she told me to do it though, so that makes it ok!!!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't believe her!! Almost sounds like Mari's fun trip to the ER last year except she went in the ambulance. I'm so glad she didn't have appendicitis that would have been no fun! Your belly looks great I'm sure you're counting down the days!!