February 14, 2009

Makin' Valentines

Miss E created her own valentines to give out this year with markers, glue and embellishments. She only made a few, but did manage to make one for Lola Kitty (don't ask me why!). So, a select few received handmade by E cards this year. Everyone else, well, they didn't get a card! I'm bad, I know... at least Easter is only a little ways off! And, We can wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day right now, so, Happy V-Day!!!

Do you love the rag-a-muffin look E is sporting? We are attempting to grow out her hair; by we, I mean me. It's driving me nuts seeing it in her face all the time, or fighting her to let me brush it! The little clippies I put in it to hold it back end up getting shaken out after just an hour or so. I'm fighting the urge to chop it into a cute little bob again - but, I just remind myself how cute she'll be with little Laura Ingalls braids!!

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