April 2, 2009

Baby Q

Well, we have our baby Q a week early! Here are some photos for you - we'll post more as we get 'em!

These are from today, so he's 3 days old:

These are from his birthday and the day after:
Wes had to come straight from work... as you can tell by his lovely chlorine stained work shirt!
Q with Granny:Miss E really enjoys holding "her baby" Q and was serenading him with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when she visited us at the hospital:Beppe with Q:Miss E meeting her brother Q for the first time... she came right up, climbed up on the bed and held him for quite awhile. She really loves holding him - it's the rest of the day that has her stumped!!

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~sheri~ said...

Oh, I'm so sad I can't hold him yet!!! He is such a cute little peanut. Is his hair really that blonde or is it just the flash? Keep the pics coming; his auntie can't wait for more! Congrats and I'm looking forward to catching up with you when the haze of the first weeks has lifted! Take care of yourself...