November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

It was a whirlwind, but we made it through! Miss E was just a bundle of energy all day (and the eve of)! We carved pumpkins in the morning and then went to Granny's neighborhood for trick or treating and photos. Cousin Lukey, Uncle Cotty and Auntie Kass celebrated with us too! Miss E was a pretty purple kitty and Mr. Q & Lukey were festive in their skeleton pjs! Miss E wanted to start trick or treating right after pictures, but it just wasn't dark yet. Torture!!! We were able to hold her off until just after 6pm and then headed out. She had fun snooping into the neighbor's house and trying to take their dogs as treats! She had a full bag, and some very good candy, pretty quickly, so we headed back to Granny's so she could hand out candy. Miss E took her job seriously, never leaving the front door, and often meeting the trick or treaters in the front yard!!! She had a blast and Mr. Q loved being out and about while we were trick or treating (he even scored a few candies... yeah for mom and dad!!).

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~sheri~ said...

Oh my gosh they are cute! Ellie was a very exotic those live in the Amazon?! I was so sorry to hear Q got the pox. Hope he's feeling better soon...yuck!