January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a nice Christmas Eve day up on Palomar visiting with the Idahoans and Beppe & PopPop! The kids had a blast running around and even went on a hike with their dad's and PopPop. After their hike they had to hunt around the yard for their gifts from Beppe! Miss E was extra excited during our visit because her cousins brought their dog Izzy with them - happy, happy, joy, joy!! We got home in the evening, got everyone bathed and jammied and then put out the fixin's for Santa. Miss E decided that he needed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a yummy cookie and a mug of cran-apple juice. We also had to include 9 slices of apples for his trusty reindeer, including Rudolph! It seems Santa & his reindeer enjoyed their treats, only a sip of juice and a bit of sandwich remained!

Christmas morning was spent with Granny, Uncle Cotty, Auntie Kass and cousin Lukey. The hit this year with Miss E was her Monty the Dinosaur - her most wished for gift and what she asked Santa for when we visited him at the mall. It was a flurry of activity in the morning and then some quiet time in the afternoon, well, as much quiet time as you can get with the many noise making toys all going at the same time!!! Our Christmas was a good one, hopefully yours was too!

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mom said...

Great pictures!! BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!! Not 'bad lookin' adults!!!