March 18, 2010

I've Been A Bad, Bad Blogger!

So sorry to have been absent from our little blog! I'm hoping to keep this thing updated a bit more frequently - hoping... Any who, here are a couple of photos just for fun. First up is our new (Christmas gift) bird feeder. This thing is so cool, the birds that eat from it - little yellow bellied birdies - eat out of it upside down! Pest's Auntie and Uncle told us about 'em, so we added the feeder and thistle to our X-mas wish list. It is really fun to watch the birds flock to our sad little tree - somehow they know when it's been filled, like within minutes! As it empties, and there are only two perches left to feed from, the little critters actually fight with each other. Fauna gone wild!

These other photos were just too cute not to post - doesn't Granny look like she's having fun?

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mom said...

yes she does!!!