October 11, 2006

Our Visit To The Punkin' Patch

Wes, Ellie and I had a nice Sunday at the park... We didn't stay long as we were the only ones there besides a few interesting folks bbq'n, drinking beer and giving their dog rides on the baby swings at 9:30 in the AM! We let Ellie go down the slide a few times, which she loved, and then we left. Didn’t want to get invited to whatever kind of ho-down our fellow park goers had planned!
Next, we made our way to our local pumpkin patch. It’s pretty nice, but doesn’t have that ‘fall ambience’ I was looking for. It’s on the corner of two relatively busy streets and most of my photos have street lights or apartments in the background. Ellie had a good time visiting with the critters and collecting lil’ pumpkins though. We will have to take a trip to a real patch soon… hopefully the pricing on pumpkins will be better! Oh, well, Sam’s Club has great pumpkins at great prices - We can’t all be bountiful pumpkin farmers like our family to the north (http://aka-froth.blogspot.com/)!!!

Well, that’s all for now… I’m off to continue work on Ellie’s costume; if I continue procrastinating, it’ll never be finished in time! BYE!!

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~sheri~ said...

Did she love the pygmy goat? We just had our goats bred (and yes, we are official hillbillies now!) so come March or April, we'll have cute little baby goats!!