October 24, 2006

Just a Quickie!!!

Ellie has a new favorite toy... his name is Pablo, he's a Backyardigan and he sings and dances - Oh Boy!!! The picture doesn't do it justice, but she dances and sings with him. Ellie's dance is a sway from side to side with an occational jump thrown in for good measure! She doesn't just dance with Pablo either... any music that comes on, from a game show or commercial jingle to a music video or tv show theme song, it is all fair game for dancin'!! Don't you just love the topless look Ellie has going on here?? Dancing and topless, sounds like a party!
Today when we were at Michaels Ellie said a new word, and knew what she was saying. We were walking into the store and she saw all the fall flowers displayed outside. She got excited, pointed and said 'pretty' in a very cute sing-songy voice! She was saying ditty (kitty), up, mama and dadda-ie, but gave that up after about a week - that was about 2 months ago. Sooo, her 'pretty' is a very good thing!!

Hope everyone has a very fun, spooky and happy Halloween! I will post pictures of Ellie in her cute costume next week! Boo!

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