December 17, 2006

Visits With Santa and A Holiday Party

The holiday is in full swing around here! As I mentioned previously, we had our first ever holiday party at our house this past Sunday. We had a pretty good turn out – lots of friends and family were able to attend… We were able to see and visit with people we haven’t seen for quite awhile and those we have. It was a nice afternoon with plenty, and I mean plenty, of food to eat and football to watch (we of course just HAD to put the Charger game on – I was never going to win that battle!!). Ellie had such a great time chasing after the kids and flirting with the adults. Wes’s good friend Derrill’s daughter Hannah really got Ellie’s affection – she pushed Ellie on the swing and pulled her around the yard in her wagon!

Earlier in the week Wes, Ellie and I went to the mall to get our Christmas pictures done. What an adventure!!! Ellie wanted no part of posing for photos… No way, there’s way too much to get into and snoop at! The photo session was like a three-ring circus with a horrible photographer to boot. Oh, well… we got one decent picture – not the best of any of us, but not the worst!! I tried to do a hyperlink to Sears site, but it just didn't work, SO, if you want to see our proofs, just copy and paste this link into your browser:

After that escapade, we decided to chance a visit the mall Santa. Ellie had a blast standing in line and visiting with the other kids. Her visit with Santa was another story altogether!! She was ok with him until we put her on his lap and got out of the way; then the tears started!! Have to give ‘props’ to the Santa, he was a true professional… He’s got a big grin in the photo and Ellie is crying and reaching for us!! We all have one of those pictures though, don’t we??? I know I have a couple… My mom had to give up on visits with Santa because I was so afraid of him – poor Scotty, he lost out!!! Aren’t you all crying for him?!? Ellie recovered quickly, in fact, she was ready to go back when she saw the next kids run up to Santa with smiles on their faces, wonders never cease!

The City of Murrieta has a group of volunteers that travel to each
neighborhood every year. The volunteer police drive around the neighborhood singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town about 10 minutes before Santa will arrive. The whole neighborhood was out at the ‘Star Spot’ this year – in our case just right out front of our house and about 20 yards straight ahead. They bring Santa and Carolers in on a sleigh pulled by an antique fire truck. Everyone gets to visit and take photos with Santa and sing along to the Christmas carols. Ellie kept her distance and got a little upset when Santa came up to wish her Merry Christmas… No tears, just a little tension!!! She really liked the singing and the lights on the sleigh. A quick and fun visit!!

*** You should be able to click on the photos to see a larger view***

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