December 3, 2006

This’ll Be A Big One…

Thanksgiving took us to Escondido to feast on turkey with Wes’s Mom, Dad, Aunt Jill and Uncle Fred. We had fried turkey and all the fixins’! After dinner Ellie did some, well, quite a bit of dancing for everyone – she got very tired and very spastic… she had a good time playing with Bepe Brenda – loved hanging upside down!! We were also treated to one of Fred’s Famous Pies… apple, YUM! A nice visit and a tasty meal!!

The Friday after Thanksgiving Wes and Jeff decided to go chase deer around the woods, SO, June and the kids came over for some cookie decorating. We all had fun being artistic and Ellie had a good time tasting our work! After we finished cleaning up frosting and sprinkles the boys arrived empty handed… oh well! We had breakfast, for dinner, and then visited for a bit before they had to pack up their gaggle of kids and their bounty of sugar(y) cookies!

Sunday was our Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom, Scotty and Kass. We watched the Charger game and nibbled on guacamole and chips – Ellie especially loved the Fritos and guacamole, it was all over her face!! My mom had roasted a turkey the day before, so we had hot turkey and stuffing in gravy with mashed potatoes… Yummy! It turned out to be a cold and somewhat gloomy day – Perfect weather for Thanksgiving if you ask me! (Forgot the camera, so no pics… Bad Bethy!!!)

This past week (and this coming week) has been filled with baking and prepping for our Holiday Open House next weekend. I’ve been a baking fool, making cookies, nut breads, fudge and cheese crackers (bought a fancy press for these – what a waste, the cracker doesn’t taste good and the stupid press broke!!) This coming week is work week: clean the whole house, go to Sam’s Club to get the last of the goodies AND finish baking and cooking and decorating… I know I’ve forgotten something, I’m sure it’ll come to me later… probably in a couple of weeks!!! This snicker doodle recipe is VERY good!!! One of my new favs!

Well, hope you all are having a great day… Hope to see some of you next weekend!!! Bye for now!

***A quick note: you should be able to click on each photo to see a larger view.

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