November 1, 2006

A Busy Week…

Last night was Halloween – Ellie’s first time dressing up. As you can see, she was the cutest witch ever! She liked wearing her costume and even trick-or-treated at a couple of my mom’s neighbors’. They, of course, thought she was adorable and gave her a treat. One of the neighbors has a little Chihuahua – Ellie was in love! She ran around trying to catch him and was squealing with delight. We also ran over to Scotty & Kass’s house so they could get a peak at our little witch. Ginger (their doggie) caught Ellie’s attention immediately – they had fun chasing each other around and giving kisses! After visiting for a bit we ran home to give out candy… We didn’t have to rush, there were only about 12 trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood! We have a bunch of candy left over and we didn’t even buy that much! Oh well – Next year we’ll have to hand out full size candy bars!! To see more photos click this link

Our good friends Kristie and Gene got married this past weekend, so we had a good reason to dress up! The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were on Friday night and the wedding was on Saturday. The wedding was very nice, went off without a hitch and the bride and groom looked stunning, of course!! The evening had Halloween themed favors and decor, yummy food & cake, and a great band. Wes was our jack of all trades, helping out where he could (he took the photos you are looking at) and I was in the wedding as one of Kristie’s Maids of Horror (I don’t like the word Matron, so I won’t use it!!). Click on this link if you would like to see more photos.

Well, that’s all for now… I’m off to do more laundry and clean some bathrooms… Wanna help??

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