May 20, 2007

Ellie's Acrobatics... Well, Sort Of!

Hi all!!!

We had a really nice Sunday. First, we headed out to a Dutch Dairy that I read about in Sunset Magazine. It is out in Winchester, just across the road from Diamond Valley Lake. We've passed it many times on our way to Hemet to visit friends, but didn't know anything about it; just thought it was a little odd to have a cheese shop out in the middle of no where. When we arrived, they weren't quite open yet so we visited with their geese, goats and llama. The geese hissed and honked at us the entire time - basically being the annoying creatures that they are! The highlight of the morning was Ellie 'calling' the llama like she's seen on her favorite show, Go Diego, Go; she hummed hummed to it - because we all know that that is what a llama sounds like, right? That's what Diego told her, AND, she remembered! The Dairy had a small shop that sold the Gouda that they make as well as some Dutch import stuff. We were hoping that they had the chocolate hagel slaw (I know that it's spelled wrong, but that's how it sounds!) that Wes likes to have on his toast in the AM. Fortunately they did, now I can quit searching online for the stuff - after paying shipping it would cost about $10 a box, way too much for some sprinkles!

After the dairy we decided to drop by our friends Jeff & June's new house. Wes has been by a few times, but I hadn't seen it yet. They live out south 79 in Sage, about 45 minutes from us due southeast. Their manufactured home is on their property (which has a really nice view out the back patio), but it not yet complete. It's a nice place and is layed out really well, not at all like the manufactured homes of yesteryear! Ellie had a blast chasing their dog around and loved all of the dirt and rocks! She had a lot of fun playing with the kids and exploring the property. BUT, her favorite part of the visit was the trampoline. She was a little apprehensive at first, but boy did she get into the swing of things quickly! She was all smiles. The kids helped by bouncing us, Ellie didn't know how to jump for herself... it takes a bit of practice to get your sea legs on those things!! She loved being bounced and really enjoyed watching Kyle, Jaylin, Nathan and Allison do their 'tricks'. She didn't want to get off and certainly didn't want to leave! I know what I'll be looking for at future garage sales!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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