October 27, 2007

Bad Beth, Bad, Bad...

Over a month and no new posts... I am a bad blogger! No excuses, I just haven't felt like playing on the computer much lately. Get online, check email, reply to email if need be, then turn off - that's been the routine. But, I've got some cute inspiration for this post:

We went to the pumpkin patch on Thursday. We found a really nice pumpkin patch out in wine country in Temecula. They set up a really cute patch with stuff to play on, cutouts to do photos with, a petting zoo with healthy animals (of all things!), lots of pumpkins and on the weekends, pig races, pony rides and tractor rides. Ellie had a blast running around the patch, we had the whole thing to ourselves! She loved riding on the John Deer tractor they had set up for the kids to play on... she had her Michael Jordon tongue out with incredible concentration trying to move the gear shifter! She even got in on the fun and posed with me in the cutouts and Wes on the train. The goats and chickens really had her going in the petting zoo. There was one goat that seemed to actually like her hugs... may be she was just hopin' for some more food! If you would like to see more of the photos from Pumpkin Patch 2007, click here.

I've been working on Ellie's halloween costume. Since she is so in love with Toy Story and with her hobbie horses, we (well, I) decided to have her dress up as a cowgirl. I'm working on getting the dress and apron sewn, then fixing up a 'Woody' type cowboy hat that we found at a thrift store. Just have to figure out the cowboy boot covers for her feet - we'll see how that goes. She may be a cowgirl with tennis shoes!! I'll post pictures of Ellie in her costume after Halloween. I promise to make it soon after Halloween, not a month later!

I was able to have a really nice visit with some old friends last weekend. I've known Marie and Maria since Jr. High School - WOW!, are we old! It was a lot of fun to see them, hang out and catch up. Marie is a nurse at an orthopedist's office and she and her husband are expecting her first baby, Jackie, in about a month. Marie is about 5 foot nothing and her husband Russ is 6 foot 4... baby Jackie is going to be a giant! Maria is hard at work (2 jobs) as usual. She works at a construction company and also works at a school helping kids 'retrain' their brains to help with coordination and such. She explains it much better than I do, but it sounds like facinating and rewarding work and she really seems to enjoy what she is doing. It's still hard to believe that we have known each other for almost 20 years... Wow!

Well, I hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Get yourselves lots of treats and play a couple of tricks! I'm off to find my treat, I'm thinking something baked with chocolate!! YUMMY!

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