November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Without further ado, our Little Cowgirl...

Ain't she just the prettiest little thing you've ever seen? Well, we think so! We couldn't keep the hat on her head, but we were able to keep it on her. We took Ellie to Granny's neighborhood to trick or treat - the neighbors all know her and they are much friendlier than ours! After the first couple houses, Ellie really got the hang of trick or treating! She liked getting candy in her bucket, and, being the nosey girl she is, she liked looking in people's houses! We only went to about six houses, but because they were all so generous (they each gave her about 3 pieces of candy!) Ellie had a bucket-full of treats..! After trick or treating Ellie handed out candy to the other kids. She really had a good time except for getting scared a couple of times by some 'spooky' costumes. She really enjoyed 'how-ween' this year, she even asked to go trick or treating again the next day!


Angie said...

You have one cute little cowgirl on your hands!!! Great job with the costume, it's adorable!

Anonymous said...

The score is 16-0 ~~~ thought I'd check my email ~~~ Good job on your recent posting!!! Ellie is adorable in the first pic!!!
Happy to you again!!