December 1, 2007

Turkey Day

I know, it's December and I'm finally blogging about Thanksgiving - at least it's only the 1st! We had a very nice turkey day. My mom, Scotty & Kass, Wes's mom and dad and Wes's aunt Jill and uncle Fred celebrated with us. We cook our turkey in our new countertop roaster. It was so easy and the turkey came out pretty well, it fell of the bones! We also had yummy roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes, stuffing, 'Annie's cranberries, Bepe's rolls, Fromlath green gunk (pistachio whip) and some disasterous gravy (I tried making the gravy without using pan drippings - not easy, well, for me anyway!). For dessert we had Fred's Pumpkin pie, 'Annie's pumpkin cranberry cookies and Pecan Bars. It was a pretty relaxed day, busy, but nice. Ellie had a blast showing aunt Jill around the backyard - she had to show Jillie all of her stuff! Wes was even able to get his mom, Fred and Scotty to play some poker with him - yeah, games!!!

If anyone is interested this is the recipe for the pecan bars. They are so good! I really dislike pecan pie, BUT, these bars are very tasty. Here is the recipe.

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