January 21, 2008

Charger Game and Birthday Fun

Well, the Chargers lost... I don't really care, but there are many people in my family that do! Wes' mom and dad came up to watch the game and to celebrate Jay's birthday. Ellie was excited to see Bepe and Pop-Pop... she even posed for a couple of pictures. She was all ramped up, tearing around the house and making LOTS of noise - amazing what she can do with about 8 hours nighttime sleep and no nap! When the game was over (poor Chargers fans!) Ellie made sure that Pop-Pop opened his gift; she took the time to shop for it and helped wrap it, enough waiting, open already! Needless to say, Jay didn't have to do much, Ellie made quick work of the wrapping. Since Pop-Pop didn't have to use much energy opening gifts, he had plenty to 'get' Ellie with! Bepe and Pop-Pop chased her around and gave her lots of tickles. She was also able to get some horsey rides from Pop-Pop - Quite a sight to see, 'cowboy' hat and all!!

Hope you all had a good weekend and that the week ahead is good to ya too!

Keep your fingers crossed that Ellie actually sleeps tonight without screaming and crying for 3 or 4 hours in the middle of the night!

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