February 24, 2008

Gettin' A Little Dirt Under Her Fingers

and her toes and pants and face... Well, you get the picture. Miss E was Pestley's lovely assistant last week. During the couple non-rain days we had Pest started moving some of the sprinklers in our backyard. We're making the area with our fruit trees a bit bigger and redoing the edging between it and the lawn. Next step is digging out the dead trees and replacing them - can't wait to get a few new fruit trees! We're thinking of getting apple, peach and lime trees for sure, then, we don't know? We've got lots of plans for the backyard and house... most are little things that we keep putting off! There's a list on the fridge, it'll be nice to start crossing stuff off!!

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~sheri~ said...

Love the "helping daddy" pics. Those are the sweet ones that make you tear up when they get bigger!