February 20, 2008

Ketchup Post... Sorry, Catch Up Post

We do eat alot of ket-up around here. Ellie loves the stuff, especially on her nuggets and puppy-dog tails (her new word for french fries, thanks 'Ranny)! I figured I would share some cute Ellie photos from Valentine's Day and the day before.
Ellie enjoyed V-day this year. She had lots of fun 'signing' her cards and loved opening her cards and small gifts. One of her cards even had money in it - 'my monnie'! She's itching to spend her two dollars, but, she doesn't quite get that the money goes away when she spends it. She's also enjoying her Sees candy and ladybug plate set from 'Ranny. We've been doling out the chocolate a little at a time - she really does take her time with her piece of chocolate, really enjoys it. That's my girl... gotta have another chocolate lover! Her Idaho cousins, Garrett, Caleb and Ian (Thanks Sheri) sent a fun little box with little craft projects to do, a couple of books, fun socks (Cars has been the favorite) and a few other little goodies. Bepe and PopPop came up for dinner on V-day - Ellie had a fun visit with them and really liked her Dora The Explorer Valentine!

We've been working on getting Ellie's sleep issues under control. After yet another really bad night on Sunday we were about to lose our minds! With little sleep I headed over to the library (I love that the Temecula library is open every day!) and loaded myself down with sleep therapy books! The best one so far has been this one, by Dr. Ferber. The information that he gives about how sleep works is really interesting and his suggestions so far have been helpful. It was nice to find a book with sound advice - most of the books I've looked at (and I've looked at a lot) have been very new age-ish with unhelpful suggestions. We are on to night four, the last three have gone really well... KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

Today Ellie helped while I worked on a gift I'm making for my cousins bridal shower on Saturday. I gave her my container of scrap fabric and she had fun making 'arrangements'. She was doing a great job so I told her we could sew one together and make a card out of it. She loved that idea and headed to my sewing table. She picked out and arranged everything in the photo below - all I did was sew it in place. I sewed down the orange fabric, then Ellie said 'buttons' and pointed to my jars of buttons. So, I grabbed a glue stick and she glued 'em down. Since the glue was just temporary, I hand sewed the buttons down with the yellow thread that she picked out. It was really fun to see what she created and she's really proud of her ART. When Wes got home she showed him right away. Keep in mind that I may have the orientation wrong, I'm not sure which way Ellie's creative vision faces!
Here are photos of a couple of the things I've been working on. The first is a sweater that I knitted for myself from a pattern in this book. The pattern was great, easy to knit and no errors that I found. The error was my own. I made sure to lengthen the arms (so it would fit my freakishly long arms), but didn't pay attention to the length of the torso..! I tried it on after sewing it up and it hit a bit above my belly button!!! That's a bit too short for my liking, but I might try it with a white button up shirt sticking out from under it. I still have to knit the v-neck contrast... after that I'll make a decision. Under the sweater you can see the fabric I'm using for my bridal shower gift. I'll take a photo and post it next week! The second picture is of a flannel quilt that I'm making for Ellie. She really likes the one that Bepe Brenda made for her when she was born, but she's getting too tall to use it for night-night. I've actually sewn all the pieces together, now I'm working on sewing the front and back together, then I have to tackle the quilting! It's really soft and should be warm enough for her.

Well, that's enough rambling for me! Have a nice weekend, see ya next week!

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mom said...

Is Miss Ellie not THE most beautiful girl in the world?!!! Finny and Riley, Pia and Pink think so!!! So does Granny!!! Tell Ellie....she has to 'share' a piece of her candy with me!!! Your sweater is beautiful....you have the figure to wear a shorty...let's see what it looks like after you finish up!!!
Hugs and kisses!!