February 12, 2008

Stayin' With Granny

Ellie slept over at Granny's house on Sunday night. We decided to do a trial run with staying away from home - plus, Mommy and Daddy got a night and morning off!!! It's nice to get a day off from the night and morning routines.

Ellie gave Granny a run for her money. She went to bed pretty well, but woke up before midnight, and stayed up well past... then, of course, she got up really early. Ellie and Granny were tired girls!! But, she had a great time playing in the dirt outside, making cookies, playing with the kitties and even did a Valentine project! All in all, a good first try - here's hoping next time she'll sleep a bit better! Of course, we can only hope she'll start sleeping better, Period!

1 comment:

~sheri~ said...

Hope you guys can enjoy a couple days away...I love Granny's picture of Ellie with the cat in the basket. I giggled. Very cute!