April 8, 2008

E and Her Bugs

Spring has sprung and our favorite little bug is out from hiding... the champion of the garden, an eco-friendly bug killer, the LADYBUG! Yeah! I love ladybugs and so does Miss E. They are back in our yard and we are on daily bug searches. E got a nice little ladybug jar from her kid's meal the other day, so she now has fine lodging for her captives, I mean guests! As you can see in the picture, she even takes the little bugs for rides on her tricycle, such a good warden she is! All joking aside, she has a lot of fun searching the yard, and I have to admit, so do I! So, here's hoping you find a lucky ladybug or two in your yard... If not, I'm sure we'll have several in holding at Chez E's!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Someone has good taste, Mari & Ellie have matching tricycles! :)