April 26, 2008

Duck, Duck, Coots

Miss E, Pest and I visited the duck pond around the corner from our house a couple of weekends ago. I know, I am quite tardy at posting these photos - we've had a couple of cases of the sickies around here lately! Anyway, we brought along a loaf of cheap white bread and fed the ducks and coots. Miss E really liked hearing the ducks quack and the coots squawk and especially liked tossing the bread to them a watching them fight over it. We lost a couple of slices to Miss E's belly, cheap white bread must taste better while visiting with the ducks! E was braver than I was and fed a couple of ducks out of her hand!! When the bread was all gone, Miss E took to dancin' with the water fowl and chasing them back into the pond and nearby bushes. Quack, Quack!

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