April 26, 2008

Some Ladybug Biology, Well, Sort Of

We have a plethora of ladybugs around here, and, they are reproducing! The ornamental cherry tree in the middle of our backyard has become their mating grounds, nest and nursery! Miss E has to search around the tree to find as many ladybugs as she can, EVERY DAY. The girl has a bit of an obsession. While searching with her one day (we do this every day as I mentioned before) I noticed some little yellow dots on the tree, on the tree trunk, on the branches, and on the leaves. Then, the next day I saw a ladybug laying some of the little yellow eggs - and of course had to take a photo! It's a little weird to see an insect egg being laid, dontcha think?

1 comment:

~sheri~ said...

Just a few days after you posted this we found two ladybugs, um, "fighting" (ask Wes about the duck "fight"s!) I wish I could have gotten a picture of THAT! It would have rounded out your biology post :)