April 2, 2008

First Day of 'Ool'

Today was Miss E's and my first day of Gymboree. We signed up after taking a free trial class that E absolutely loved! We decided to give the class a try after she had asked me repeatedly to go to school: "Peas mama, I wanna go to Ool!" It was really great that we were able to try the class before committing to a month of something that we may or may not like. There is a ton of music, dancing, activities and kids her age... Plus, the added benefit of a very flexible atmosphere - if a kid wanders off during story time, no big deal, the teacher just keeps going. We've been to three official classes and E has been great at each meeting. She listens really well, shares with the other kids and is very helpful with the teacher. She is so excited about going to 'Oool' that getting her ready is a piece of cake, she actually lets me brush her hair (shocking) and get her dressed without chasing her around the house! Yeah OOOL!

PS. Doesn't E look a bit like the original Pippi Longstocking in this photo?

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Anonymous said...

Does this picture of Miss E not cover all her families?!?! I see ~ Fromlath/VanderWoody ~ Graham/Horwath ~~ BUT most of all, I see a bit of your Great Grandmother Glenn!! Do you remember that wedding picture of G'mother and G'father Grandmommy had on her wall? Add blonde hair and there's Miss E!!! Need a copy of this one!!! XXXOOOXXX MOM