April 2, 2008

A Morning at Sea World

Last Friday Mom and I tested the waters with Miss E at Sea World. She was so excited to be going that she was telling all the people waiting in line to buy tickets that she was going to Ea Wowld! She was just itching to get there - waiting in line to get through security (did you know they scan your fingerprint now?) was torture, but she was a champ. Once inside we headed to the right of the park and ended up at the Anheiser Busch Clydesdale Stables. E was in heaven, Ee-Awes. She caught sight of this one (out for photos) and wanted to ride him! She was disappointed that she couldn't!! Next we hit the penguin encounter and the shark attack. Miss E liked seeing all the stuff, but didn't quite get what she was seeing (if that makes sense). The exhibits were a little disappointing to Ranny and me, they seemed a bit rinky-dink. After the shark attack we had a caricature done of the three of us. I've always wanted to get one done, and I had willing participants - well, somewhat willing. Ellie did pretty well, having to sit still for 10 minutes was work, for me and Ranny, but the artist caught her shark face pretty well! Next we went and feed the seals. We got our $5 tray of 5 frozen, stinky sardines and tossed 'em to the beggin' barkin' seals. E didn't want to touch the smelly fish, so she told me which seals to toss 'em to! I think that the seals were E's favorite part of our visit. They were very active, plus they made a ton of noise! After that we saw the flamingos and an impromptu 'show' with a cockatoo. Then we saw the rays and the killer whales. After all that walking around (E wouldn't ride in her stroller much) Miss E hit a wall. Tired and cranky hit her fast and with her second melt down we headed home. She did great for her first visit to an amusement park; we were there for about 3 hours. The next trip will have to be to a more entertaining park, like the zoo/wild animal park or Disneyland (that'll be fun - we'll definitely need a leash for that one!).

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Anonymous said...

If you come back up this week we should take you guys to the Aquarium. Mari just LOVES that place. We never spend more than an hour & a 1/2, just so Mari doesn't get burnt out. Last weekend Mari got to feed Bat Rays...she thought that was the coolest thing EVER!