April 3, 2008

Thought I'd Share Again...

Check out these blogs, if ya wanna!

The first blog is called Candy Blog. The hostess gives out great reviews of CANDY!!! Yeah candy! It's fun to find out about new stuff and see if it's worth trying! Plus, she's got a contest going until the 5th of April for a case of chocolate! You'll have to scroll down through a couple of posts, but it's there!

Second is Pioneer Woman. This website/blog is great... She has different sections you can navigate through:

Confessions: This section is where she shows & tells all about life on their ranch. Her writting is funny and clever and a joy to read. You have to check out her ongoing story Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, it'll suck you in!

Cooking: She's got some pretting interesting recipes to check out.

Photography: This section has some of her great photographs, plus Photoshop tutorials

Home & Garden: This section has some gardening info, things she's into and updates/photos of their home remodel.

And, just so you all don't think I spend hours looking through blogs, here's what I use to get updates on all my favorites: Bloglines. You just create a list of the blogs you like to check out and when there is a new post, Bloglines lists it for you. Plus, you can read most all of the new posts through Bloglines, so not too much extra navigation is necessary!

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