May 5, 2008

Another Ladybug Stage & Some Frog Kissin'

Gotta love this smile! Pest brought her a frog, a tree frog to be exact. Little froggy spent the ride home from one of Pestley's job sites in a water sample bottle, so his color was a bit pasty! Miss E thought he was pretty cool and even gave him 'air kisses'! Once froggy was released into the wilderness that is our yard he couldn't be located again. We're hoping he's still in the yard, but haven't heard that trademark croak.
In case you've been wondering, and I know you have, here is the latest on our ladybug babies... After they hatched and ate their egg casings, and possibly each other, they parked themselves on the tree leaves to transform from black specks into ladybugs. Notice these guys don't have any legs and their wings haven't formed yet either. Aren't you glad we provide this glimpse of nature for you? Auntie Sheri commented that they had some ladybug 'wrassling' going on in their yard. Our tree was the site of such activities too, but for the ladybug's privacy, and to keep things in blogland PG, I decided not to document those acts!

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