June 10, 2008

Miss E's Project

"Let's do a project mama." Miss E will come up with this statement almost everyday. Well, a couple of days ago she was able to 'do a project' that was a little more involved, and a bit more messy, than usual. She loves to paint (we usually let her use a watercolor set in the house - easy cleanup) so I dug out an unfinished bird house from Michaels, and some acrylic paint, and let her at it. I think she did a great job and she had a good time making a house for any of the numerous backyard birds. She couldn't wait to get it hung in the tree, and of course she picked the nectarine tree that's full of fruit! Hey, the birds will be there anyway pecking at the fruit, may be one of 'em will get off the street and bed down in the fancy digs Miss E set up for 'em?

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