June 10, 2008

Turn About's Fair Play

Doesn't Miss E look cute with her hot roller head? We thought so. Pest snapped a couple of pictures while I was fixing Miss E's hair for her/our pictures last week. She was a real trooper, sat still while I rolled up her hair and even let me take the rollers out without much fuss. To bad the curls didn't hold for more than about 10 minutes! Oh well, that's what cute butterfly clips are for! I'll post a link from Picture People for our proofs, if they ever send it!

That afternoon Miss E decided that I needed a new hairdo. So, she set to work, fixin' me up! First she used a clothespin to clip her baby's blanket around my neck... she's only been to the hairdresser once, but she remembered the cape! She can reach the drawer that I keep her hair clips in (by the way, she can reach all drawers these days) so that stash of clippies and barrettes ended up in my hair. After about a dozen, I had to stop her - she kept running back for more!!

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