November 20, 2008

Big Surprise

I didn't make it through a week, much less a month, of thankful stuff... shocking, I know! It was an interesting idea, but one I just couldn't keep up with. But, I will share with you 30 'things' I'm thankful for to represent the 30 days in November - sum it up in one post instead of 30!

The first three you'll recognize, but I'll recap just the same:

Vapor Rub
My Digital Camera - I love photos and sharing them with you guys
Burt's Bees Lip Balm - this stuff is awesome, works like a charm, especially in this horrid dry weather!
My Kitchen Aid mixer - If you bake you know why!
My bread machine - it's not top of the line but it does what I knead it to do!
Blogs - A great source of inspiration and recipes - books, books, books, oh and some other stuff too!
Our Public Library - endless supply of story books for Miss E, plus and easy way for me to see books before I buy 'em - or read 'em and give 'em back!
Nintendo DS - handheld video game fun, when you just want to be brainless for a little bit
Nintendo Wii - fun to play and fun to watch other people play
Aquafina bottled water - I'll admit it, I'm a water snob... Our tap water is so full of 'stuff' that it smells and tastes terrible!
My Sewing Machine - I love it and it helps me make stuff
Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel - Love the smell, reminds me of my G'mommy
Peppermint Candies - Not usually a fan, but right now they help with the preg-o ickies!
Target - Say it with a french accent if you want it to sound nicer, but I love the place. Kicks Wal-Mart's behind!
Gymboree - cutest clothes for Miss E - I always shop the sales, it's the only way!
Sam's Club - For us way better than CostCo... Miss E and Pest like to look for the 'snack ladies'!
Photographs - On the wall or in a book, I love seeing my family and friends!
Bananas - Eat 'em almost every day and don't get sick of 'em...
Knitting Needles - knitting is a great way to forget whatever is buggin' you, at least for a little bit!
Yarn - If I had unlimited resources I could hoard a lot of this stuff - some of it's just so pretty!
Fabric - read above!
My Journal - helps me remember all the stuff I would be sure to forget!
My Car - Get us where we need, or more importantly, want to go!
Mail - not too crazy about our local postal service, but I love getting mail... who doesn't?
Baked Goods - Cookies, cake, bread, muffins, pie... I could go on and on and on!
QVC - sometimes they have some pretty good stuff, plus, if you can't sleep at night they'll keep ya company!
My Fuzzy Slippers - keep my feet warm, clean and comfy... plus they come in fun funky styles!

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