August 27, 2009

A Girl and HER Dog AND A Lesson Learned

***Edited: Sorry to say that Tank had to leave our home and (hopefully) find a new one. A home that can handle his barking all night long and chewing everything in site. A home where if he forgets who his people are and barks in a very strange way at them ,they (his people) won't be afraid he is going to attack them or their small children. Good Luck to Tank and here's hoping any future dog acquisitions for this little family go better!!

We finally broke down and got Miss E a dog. We found him at a pet adoption thing at Petco this past Saturday. I dropped Pest and E off at Petco while Q and I went to Joann's to shop. E and Pest tracked me down at Joann's, both with excited looks on their faces, to let me know about Tank. He's a Blue Tic Cattle Dog and is about 1 year old. We adopted him on Saturday, but weren't allowed to take him home with us - they had to come 'check' our yard and required that he be neutered. So, we couldn't pick him up until Monday, from the vet. Needless to say those couple of days were torture - Miss E wanted HER dog and we heard about it all weekend. I don't blame her, it sucks that she had to wait and sucks even more that we got our dog at 5pm on Monday all groggy from anesthesia! Thankfully Tank (Tanker as E says) wasn't too out of it so E was able to play with him a little. She was on a dog high for a couple of days - actually she was possessed by some little demon!! We've been seeing more and more of our little girl as the new dog high wears off - she's been running and playing with him pretty much non-stop - she gets up at about 6:30 am and she's out the back door yelling and squealing with Tank... the neighbors have got to love us right now!!


Anonymous said...

The pictures of Ellie and Tank are so cute! He looks like he LOVES his new home! I'm going to have to show him to Mari she'll be jealous. :)

~sheri~ said...

Maybe Tank will wear her out?!