September 15, 2009

Finally Finished It

Well, I finally finished Miss E's sweater! I started it last July and was going great until the all day preggers sickness hit me; the poor sweater was put away with only one arm left to knit! I found it last month and showed it to E, who in turn asked me to finish it. So, here ya go... some photos of her new purple sweater and matching beanie. Not only is purple her favorite color, but it also happens to be one of the 'it' colors for fall - who knew?
This girl is in constant motion, camera setting must be adjusted to account for this. Can you tell I was a little slow on the uptake!Had to post this photo - doesn't she look like she belongs to a dock workers union!

1 comment:

~sheri~ said...

I love it, by the way. Wow, that must have taken soooo long. Looks so cute!